Laser Tag

Experience the ultimate version of Laser Tag for yourself!


Our Laser Tag experience features ever-evolving mission objectives that encourage tactics, communications, strategy, and teamwork. This fully-immersive experience features ‘guns’ that are more realistic than the traditional phaser. 

Hades - Industrial theme
Hades- Industrial
Hades - Jungle
Hades - Jungle

We have carefully designed and created Hades, our main tactical field, is separated into industrial and jungle themes. We also feature a more beginner friendly, inflatable field, known as Elysium. 

Our system tracks the live stats of each individual player, allowing observers to feel they are a part of the action. This feature also allows you to become the Master of iCombat by earning every mission specific achievement with creation of an online account (not required for gameplay).

Laser Tag 19
icombat m4

Players also have the option to upgrade their gun to an M-4, which offers live CO2 noise and recoil and is the most authentic laser tag firearm on the market (Based on availability and for an additional charge of $10). 

While playing on Hades, be sure to keep your eyes open for Hero Bucks to trade in for the ultimate upgraded guns!

Laser Tag 2

Our Laser Tag sessions are $39.95 on Hades and $29.95 on Elysium. All Laser Tag sessions are approximately 90 minutes in total and consist of 3 missions. All gameplay slots are based on availability. *Call to inquire about group pricing and availability (833) 5-HEROES*

Hades Schedule
Elysium Schedule
Map of Hades
Map of Hades