Line Games

Our Line Games field consists of a mixture of Footbowl, Rock Bocce, Croquet, Cornhole, and Hillbilly Golf. 


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We have two classic games, croquet and corn hole. Our croquet field features strategically placed hoops for fun for all ages. Grab a mallet and try it yourself!

Our cornhole lanes feature themed cornhole boards and bags to provide a one-of-a-kind experience. Relive some great memories and play these classics today! 

Footbowl is a game that combines elements of bowling and football and features a layout similar to cornhole. Teams will take turns throwing footballs towards bowling pins on wooden platforms. This game is great for those looking to experience a fun new yard game. 

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Rock Bocce is a spin on the classic game. Instead of using uniformly sized balls, Rock Bocce uses varying sized and shaped rocks so those of all ages and skills have an even playing field. The unpredictableness of this game makes it fun for all. 

Finally, a popular ‘southern’ backyard game, hillbilly golf allows players to take their aim with two golf balls connected by rope. Each ‘step’ awards players with varying levels of points. 

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Price is $20 per hour for up to 10 people per lane. Game options include fowling, corn hole, hillbilly golf, rock bocce, and croquet. All games are based on availability.